Individual skeleton data looks decent, but fused is terrible


I got the sender working by setting

body_tracking_parameters.enable_body_fitting = true;
body_tracking_parameters.enable_tracking = true;

The sender is now detecting bodies. However, the receiver is not receiving the bodies using the script I sent above. I have Zed SDK 4.1 installed on the windows computer running the receiver script (and on the zed boxes running the senders).

This seems like a SDK 4.1 change as I got the sender and receiver working using SDK 4.0.8. What breaking changes is introduced in 4.1, and how can I get the receiver to work?

Note: I get a log on the senders saying the receiver has connected when I run the receiver.

Edit: We are moving way of topic here so I created a new topic: Multi-camera body tracking sample not working with ZED SDK 4.1 - Stereolabs Forums