Incorrect ZED2i depth values

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First of all sorry for my language!
I have a ZED 2i camera. My problem is that the measured distance by the ZED Depth Viewer software and the distance measured by a laser rangefinder is quite different.
The software shows that the distance is 5.6 meters. But in fact the distance is 4.8 meters. The greater the distance the greater the difference. What can be the problem?
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I’m also struggling with depth accuracy. I think that in your case it may be expected effect, as we can read: Depth Settings | Stereolabs

“Depth accuracy decreases quadratically over the z-distance, with a stereo depth accuracy of 1% of the distance in the near range to 9% in the far range”
"The configuration that offers the best depth accuracy is to place the camera at a working distance of 30cm to 1 meter of the scene. "

In my case, the object which I make a point cloud (from the distance 1m) has some waves as I zoom in. I think that I cannot do better with ZED, even though I set parameters like:
depth_mode = sl::DEPTH_MODE::ULTRA;
camera_resolution = sl::RESOLUTION::HD720;
camera_fps = 15;

Have you tried similar parameters?


@martinsz It is indeed expected to have a decreasing accuracy over the distance.
However, if you experience “important” differences between expected depth measurements and the ones you have with the SDK, you might want to try to recalibrate your camera. A decalibrated camera may impact on the results you get with your camera. Here is an article from our Help Center explaining how to do so :

@mskr The waves you have on your object can be caused by various parameters, such as reflections or textures and lead to incorrect depth values. Can you try testing your camera in different conditions to see how it goes ?

You are right, when I covered the object with a material that stops reflections, the results are better.