Inconsistent depth results with different resolutions

I’m still having trouble getting consistent depth images from our ZED camera (Neural mode).
A screenshot of the settings used in the ZED Depth Viewer application can be found at the end of this message.
The problem:

  • The result is good in HD720 mode (first screenshot).
  • The result is quite degraded when starting the application in HD1080 mode (second screenshot).
  • The result is totally wrong when you don’t quit the application and switch from HD720 mode to HD1080 mode.
    You can also notice that the field of view is not the same when you start in HD1080 and when you switch to HD1080 from another mode.

Do you have any tips on how to get results as good in HD1080 as in HD720?

Many thanks in advance.


The FoV of all resolution is indeed not exactly the same. Can you send us a few SVOs so that we can investigate your depth issues ? These seem quite weird. I’m wondering if this is specific to ZED Depth Viewer or a bug in the SDK. Does it happen with the depth sensing sample too ?

This happens with the ZED_Depth_Sensing example too. I’ve created two svo files (HD720 & HD1080).
How would you like me to transfer these files to you?

Regarding the FOV, I understand that it’s not the same in all modes, but the weird thing is that you get different FOVs in HD1080 depending on whether you start in HD1080 first, or in another mode first and then switch to HD1080.

The second issue is I think, only related to ZED Depth Viewer and not to the SDK. Still, it requires investigation.
Can you send the SVO through GDrive or Wetransfer for example ?

Here is the link:

Indeed, the situation is weird ! I assume the point of view for both SVOs is exactly the same ?

The current NEURAL is known for being less good than ULTRA for very close usage. We were not aware of it until very recently and will fix it. Maybe, because the FoV of 1080 is smaller than 720, it’s just like if it were closer for our depth algorithm. What if you put your camera a little further ?

Yes, the viewpoint was exactly the same from both SVOs.
And you’re right, it works better from further away. This suits our application where the working distance will be around 2 meters.
Thanks a lot!

I’m glad in your case getting further is enough. Still, we’ll work on these short distance issues. Thank you for the reporting !