In Regard to the Docker

Dear ZED Team,

Recently I bought a ZED M and installed zed:3.8-gl-devel-cuda11.4-ubuntu20.04 docker on my Ubuntu 22.04 GTX1060 powered laptop.

However, I am unable to run the ZED_Explorer or anything due the error as follow. Could you please show me how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance!


since you are running it in a container, your usage must be headless (= without a screen).
If you want to use ZED Explorer, install it the normal way, on you host machine.


Dear Mr. Antoine Lassagne,

Sorry I attached the wrong screen shot!

Yes, but gl-devel image support screen in the container, right?

Also, is it possible to get depth viewer work on Ubuntu 22.04 outside container for ZED M?

And do you have the launch file for NVIDIA ROS Elbrus VSLAM?

Thank you!

Tse Lin

Antoine Lassagne (Stereolabs) 於 2023年1月12日 週四 下午5:44寫道:

Indeed some tools should work. Probabvly not all of them, I did not test myself. The associated doc is here :

To respond your second question, yes. I’m not sure what is the trick in the question though. You can instlal the SDK on your machine and run depth viewer, it will display your zed mini plugged to this same host.

For your third question, I let my colleague Walter respond to you.

Bets regards,

Antoine Lassagne
Senior Developer - ZED SDK
Stereolabs Support

Hi Alassange,

Sorry I forgot to reply!

At this moment, I’ve got ZED SDK running outside the docker. However, I still haven’t heard anything from Walter in regard to the Launch File.

Could you please ask him again?


Tse Lin