In MR sample, I cannot see the see-through background

I choose Dark Room sample. after following the github manual, I finally got a result. the pose tracking looks working, but the background is grey. I expect the background is the camera image.

OS: windows 10
SDK: 4.04 CUDA 11
Unity 2021.3.28 and 2022.3.4
GPU: nvidia RTX 2070.

ZED diagnose shows all green.

Hi @dvorak
what’s the context of your question?

I’m trying to run the MR sample(Dark room AR Lighting and Shadows with Unity | Stereolabs ). I expect it be like

@Myzhar could you help me on finding what’s wrong with it? Thanks

Hi @dvorak,

Just tested on my side and no issue on a brand new install of the plugin.

Do you have any errors/messages in the console?
Which version of the Unity Plugin are you using? I encourage you to update to the last version of the SDK (4.0.5) along with the last version of the Unity plugin (also 4.0.5)
Are you using the standard pipeline, or URP/HDRP?
Which depth mode are you using? Is it NEURAL or ULTRA? If NEURAL, is it optimized?
Do the other samples work as expected?