IMU Firmware Update problem

There was a problem during IMU Firmware Update.
Nothing can be done because of the problem.
How do I solve this?

The IMU Firmware version says -1.

When you run the update again, only a warning message appears.
The contents of the warning window are as follows.

:Unable to detect device to update. Drivers are probably missing.
Make sure your PC is connected to Internet for automatic driver update.

This problem occurred after installing sdk 3.5, so it is the same problem even if it is updated after reinstalling 3.4 again. It’s serious.

I disconnected the Windows device after disconnecting it myself. In Explorer, the firmware version looks fine, but it does not update to the higher version, and the same phenomenon occurs.

Having the exact same situation here. Happened on the previous SDK version as well. It shows me that I have the older IMU version…When I click to update to the newer one, it’s stuck on ‘waiting for device to reboot’ and nothing happens. Disconnecting it and reconnecting gives me the same error you got and it’s restored from -1 to the original firmware.

Sterolabs - Any input on this by any chance? Is this deliberate? Is there actually a need to update to the newer IMU version? If so, any tips? :slight_smile: