Import pyzed error, ZED SDK 4.0

Today I upgraded to ZED SDK 4.0, reinstalled the python API, and am getting this error when trying to import

import as sl
File “pyzed/sl.pyx”, line 7940, in init
File “pyzed/sl.pyx”, line 5976, in
TypeError: Argument is not of right type.

Here is the platform I am using:
Python 3.10

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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I have similar problem with the python API from ZED SDK 4.0 on JetPack 5.1.1.
Exactly the same error as above.
If i try to do “import pyzed”, it gets imported without any problem but importing seems to have problems in the latest SDK.
I would appreciate if you could provide any solution for that problem.

same error please fix

The issue has been identified and fixed, you can reinstall the Python API either from source or by relaunching the ZED SDK installer.

Sorry for the inconvenience