Import pyzed error on Jetson Nano


I installed JetPack 4.6 on Jetson Nano. The python version is 3.6.9. The ZED SDK is installed and giving the camera image without any problem on ZED Explorer. When I try to install pyzed through the, it gives “pip failed to setup pyzed package (pyzed was NOT correctly setup)” error after numpy installation error.

Then I run pyzed-3.7-cp36-cp36m-linux_aarch64.whl file and imported pyzed without error. However, to access the camera I have to “import”. When I import it gives me “Segmentation fault”.

I followed the instructions and came this far, I could not overcome this problem. Could you please tell me any solution?

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us,

Can you send me the output of the script ? I assume you ran it with python3 (python is python2 by default and is not supported)
Also, what do you mean by running the .whl file ? You cannot run it, only install it.

Best regards

Hello, thanks for your reply.

I solved the problem as follows:

My code was starting with import as sl

I changed it as:
import cv2
import as sl

It gave package not found error. I installed package then everything went fine. Now, I can get the image via python.