Image Aliasing Issue in ZED Mini


When displaying the camera images in VGA resolution, there are visible aliasing artifacts. I’m not sure whether it’s a hardware issue, but it looks like the image being sub-sampled without any interpolation. I haven’t seen any parameters (apart from resolution itself) related to the issue.

For comparison the images from RealSense camera (top) with similar resolution (640x480) and ZED Mini (bottom):

Granted the RS camera has a higher vertical resolution, but the aliasing issue seems to be beyond this difference.

My environment:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
ZED SDK: 3.8.2

Thanks in advance!

Hi @IzzyCoder
we are investigating this problem and we provide a fix as soon as possible.

Hi @Myzhar

Any update on the topic? I’m experiencing the same issue with my ZED Mini.


this is not really a harware issue, this is the limit of the VGA resolution, as we have a wide field of view, pixels are covering a large area leading to this kind of artifacts.