I want to keep the exposure time setting even when another camera application is started

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After changing the setting value with ZED Explorer
If It is opened with another camera app (for example, the camera app that comes standard with windows)
Brightness and contrast are continuously stored inside the camera.
The Exposure time and Gain values cannot be inherited.

How can I keep the Exposure time change?

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Hi @Takumi
this is not possible because the camera can’t store internally the latest values used for exposure control.
You can write your own application using the ZED SDK that saves the exposure value in a file and retrieve it as soon as the camera is opened:

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Hi @Myzhar
Thank you for your reply.
When creating an app in C #
I want to stream a video with the MediaElement and MediaPlayer classes.
Is it possible to call ZED with mediaElement after calling the ZEDSDK configuration file?
Or can the ZED SDK configuration file only be called with the ZED SDK?


You can modify the camera settings (such as exposure, etc) with the Csharp wrapper. You can take a look at our csharp sample to see how to do it. It uses Opencv for the display part but the rest should be usable for your project. You only need to retrieve the settings from the file you created and apply them to the camera after opening it.

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Benjamin Vallon

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