HTC Vive Pro 2 and zed mini FoV


I’m implementing some kinda MR application on Unity with Vive Pro 2 and zed mini.
So my goal is show the real world with zed mini in a circle like the attached image :slight_smile:

But, as zed cam’s FoV on unity is said 56, and Vive’s FoV is 101.
So due to this mismatch, it’s bit complicated to align the physical world and virtual environment.

Is there any options that I can match these two FoVs…?

Alwasy thank you so much!


The FOV of the ZED image in Unity is directly related to the FOV of the ZED camera itself, so you can not change it.

When you said there is a mismatch, what do you mean exactly? Is the vive tracker not detected at the correct position?

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