How would I go about combining two Zed 2i cameras together in unreal?


The title says it all. I want to combine two cameras together for multi body tracking purposes. I found this link : GitHub - stereolabs/zed-multi-camera: ZED SDK sample with multiple ZEDs , but it’s not super helpful since I still need to send the data to unreal.

Any help?

Hi @ZanderCodes,

To get the multi-camera body tracking in Unreal, you have to use our Fusion API.
We have a Live Link integration whose purpose is exactly that.

To get started, please get familiar with the doc and sample, and reach out should you have some questions.


I’ve downloaded the fusion API and configured two cameras via the ZED360 application.
When I go to run ./ZEDLiveLinkFusion.exe with my provided calibration.json, my console output looks like this:

Also my calibration settings are copied from the fusion tutorial for unreal via the stereolabs site:

      "resolution": "HD720",
      "fps": 30,
      "depth_mode": "ULTRA",
      "grab_compute_capping_fps": 0,
      "enable_image_validity_check": false
      "detection_model": "HUMAN_BODY_ACCURATE",
      "body_format": "BODY_38",
      "body_selection": "FULL",
      "confidence": 50,
      "max_range": -1,
      "minimum_keypoints_threshold" : -1
       "json_config_filename": "",
       "output_performance_metrics": true,
       "verbose": false

       "skeleton_minimm_allowed_keypoints": 8,
       "skeleton_minimum_allowed_camera": -1,
       "skeleton_smoothing": 0

Any Ideas as to why I’m not getting the proper outputs?

I think I just fixed my issue:

I went into the “ZEDFusionLiveLinkConfig.json” file and changed the

“json_config_filename”: “”,

to be

“json_config_filename”: “Calib1.json”,

then I re-ran .\ZEDLiveLinkFusion.exe

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