How to ZedLiveLinkPlugin using mono version can set the init position

Hello guys, here again !!!

How can I set the initial position of my Zed 2 camera in UE5 when using the ZedLiveLink-Mono ? What happens to me is that it is a bit strange the way the Manny’s appear in the virtual space in relation to the Zed2 camera. In theory, without doing anything, the camera is the point X0,Y0,Zn(n:real height of the camera) and this information is sent in the same way to the virtual space in UE5, but it happens to me that, very often, the sent coordinates move a lot the Manny’s models in my virtual space, even sometimes they go up or down and they are not always glued to the floor. This generates problems when it comes to interact with virtual elements because the real and virtual coordinates do not match because these data have been “moved” somehow.

Any TIPS or help to get something more accurate ?


Today after a few hours that my application is running, I have noticed that the “ZedLiveLink-Mono” has unsynchronized its absolute position and has moved several centimeters from its initial position. By restarting the “ZedLiveLink-Mono” application it is delivering the position information again as it should. I don’t know how long it lasts working well until it moves its real original position but it certainly generates a problem.

As I asked in my first post, is there a way to configure the initial camera settings in the ZedLiveLink-Mono and in turn get better accuracy in detecting people ?

Any idea what are the best parameters for the ZEDFusionLiveLinkConfig.json file ?


Any solution ? this is key to my project as it is not working properly.

Hi @darkladen

One option to avoid drifting is to build your own Live Link sender and use the “set_as_static” flag for the positional tracking parameters of the camera.

You could also set the initial transform of the camera in the sender via the initial_world_transform setting.

In Unreal, you could maybe manage by offsetting the actors spawned by live link. Can you send a video of your problem? I don’t remember encountering this kind of issue before.

Hi, thank for you reply. Well, The truth is that I have not gone very deeply into this subject and it is a detail that presented itself to me in this last project.

About these parameters, these go in the source code of the ZedLiveLink-mono ?

In the meantime I am investigating these details and testing parameters but of course, if you have it more it would be very good your help.

Thank you very much.

Yes, these parameters go directly into the source code. However, I’ll log that they’re not exposed, and we’ll put them in the config file in a future version. Thanks for the report!
For reference, information on building the sender is available here in the documentation.

I don’t have other parameters in mind, but can you test if the body-tracking samples work correctly or drift over time too?

Thanks for the info, I will try to rebuild the ZED and see if these details are solved.

What happens is that the tests would have to be quite extensive in time to see these points. At some point I have to do it, but the final version of the project that I built behaved quite well and the variation of the camera position was about 1 hour so every 1 hour I restarted the ZedLiveLink-mono and from the app I reconnected it manually and it worked again.

In short, these are issues that need more testing time.

Another thing that happened is that when many people entered the range of the camera (more than 40 or 50 people) the application stopped working because “I imagine” that the mannys were alive in some part of the space that the camera managed to capture but as they had no interaction near the virtual objects, nothing happened, then if a person reached the camera area and the interaction zone, nothing happened because the person limit had already been reached. There are several problems that I need to see how to solve to somehow eliminate virtual people that are too far away.

Thanks !!

Will it be possible to limit the capture of people to a delimited area so as to only create new mannys if they are inside the area and delete them when they leave this delimited area ?

That’s a good improvement idea!
Although I can’t say if we’ll do this in the short term.
For now, you can implement it on your side by modifying the BP_ZEDLivelink_Manager blueprint and checking the values of the data you receive.