HOw to use ZEDfu app with opencv_calibration_file

I am using a checkerboard pattern and generating new calibration file using opencv, and I want to use it with the ZEDfu app so that I can do 3D reconstruction with ZED 2i camera.
I am running everything on linux 22.04

ZEDfu is only a GUI over the ZED SDK functionalities.
If you want to use your own calibration you should use the spatial mapping sample:

ZEDFu doesn’t perform additional process then the ZED SDK, you will have the same results with the sample.

@SL-PY Thanks for your reply.
The Zedfu also shows me the mesh as it is being generated which helps when taking data for 3d reconstruction. spatial mapping sample doesn’t show that. Do you know how I can display the live mesh in c++ or python code?