How to use spatial mapping with geotracking

Hi, I have to develop an application that allows me to create a textured 3D mesh of a large outdoor surface. To avoid drifts generated in the tracking process, which would consequently lead me to have a map distortion, I would like to know if there is a way to specify that the spatial mapping must be created using the estimate obtained from the geotracking process instead of the classic one. I anticipate that in the code I’m developing I have already integrated the receiving part of the GNSS coordinates in real time, but looking at your example codes, it seems to me that the position estimation combined with the GNSS coordinates and the classic one are two separate objects and therefore it is not clear to me which of the two are used within the spatial mapping. I hope I have been understandable and waiting for your answer I thank you in advance.

Hi @Luca023
the current version of the ZED SDK does not yet integrate the GeoTracking and Spatial Mapping modules.

The GeoTracking module is part of the Fusion module.