How to use SDK to analysis SVO videos without a zed camera

I recorded a SVO video by zed 2 camera in my lab. But now I want to analysis the video in my home without a zed camera.
When I just followed the API documents, it told me “enable_object_detection CAMERA NOT INITIALIZED
Exit program.”
So how can I apply these APIs such as Object Detection API to analysis the objects in the video under the environment without a zed camera?

you must specify the path of the SVO in here: InitParameters Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs

as here showed:

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Thank you for your reply.

I tired this program( with admin rights:
D:\DATA\zed-pytorch-master> python --svo-filename path/to/D:\DATA\HD1080_SN20042002_14-58-59.svo

And then it told me:
Loading SVO file path/to/D:\DATA\HD1080_SN20042002_14-58-59.svo
Opening ZED Camera…

I’m sure that my SVO file can be opened by ZED explorer. So how can I solve this issue?

it looks like you paste too much of the code sample,
your svo path is simply: “D:\DATA\HD1080_SN20042002_14-58-59.svo”