How to use only one of the camera of Zed2 on Jetson

I have Zed SDK 3.6.1 installed on Jetson NX and 3.5.0 installed on Ubuntu Desktop x86_64 with a Nvidia dGPU RTX2080. How ever when I check my camera devices in /dev/ directory, there are 2 video sources on x86_64 destop /dev/video0 & /dev/video1 but only one source on Jetson NX which is /dev/video0.

This lead to a problem, which is when trying to use Nvidia Accelerated Gstreamer v4l2source on Jetson NX, I’m only getting videoes of resolution 2560 * 720. But my application need resolution 1280 * 720.

How can I use just one of the camera from the Zed2 device to get a picture of resolution of 1280 * 720 ?

Hi @alechangbiao
the ZED devices send out on USB3 a video stream with coupled synchronized images from the two CMOS sensors.
The only way to get a single frame is to elaborate on each frame and split them.