How to use depth_min_range parameter?

I would like to use the PositionalTrackingParameters::depth_min_range added in ZED SDK 3.8.0, but there were no samples and I did not know how to use it or what effect it would have.

  • Are the units for this parameter in meters, millimeters, or do they refer to something else?

  • Can it be used to eliminate floors, ceilings and frames in a see-through elevator?

It would be appreciated if the amount of vertical movement could be correctly identified in odometry. Or should I use Camera::setRegionOfInterest in such a case?

Hi @Ippei-Kato
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It depends on the InitParameters::coordinate_units setting that you use. The default value is millimeters.
Read more: C++/Python

Can you provide a picture to better describe this situation? It can surely be used to remove the effect of static objects close to the camera.

setRegionOfInterest is useful in case you have part of the camera frame to be ignored by all the modules of the SDK, e.g. a window frame.

I am sorry, but due to confidentiality reasons I am unable to provide an image.

In light of my purpose in this case, it seemed more correct to apply it with the Camera::setRegionOfInterest function.
I would like to respond that way.

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