How to update the GNSS sampling rate

Hello, I’m currently working on the Zed box orin nx with the GPS. The update rate for the GPS is on 1 Hz, but it should be able to update with up to 20 Hz. I have tried to understand how i configure or include some code to do this, but it will not work. Does anyone know how to do this?


Hi @camikva
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You can use the pygpsclient tool that is the equivalent for Linux of the official u-blox u-center tool.

That worked, thank you!

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I have one more question regarding how to maintain the GPS sampling rate and retrieve real-time position data in Visual Studio Code. I’ve tied to get it from the code in the library almost the same way as they show in the example for gpsd at stereolabs, but this will not work:

from pygpsclient.gnss_status import GNSSStatus
gnss_status = GNSSStatus() # holds latest GNSS readings

Please provide more information, “will not work” is too generic

I’m trying to use the code above to get the information about the GNSS readings so i can use the speed for another part of my code. But when i use the code, i don’t get any information other than 0, but i want the real time information from the GPS.

This seems a problem with the library.
Have you tried to open an issue on the relative repository?