How to see tracking state / mapping state in ROS SDK?

I’m using the ROS ZED SDK. I would like to see how well the camera positional tracking is doing as my camera moves. In addition, I want to see if the mapping state is good or if it lost tracking. How do I do that with the ROS SDK?

I was thinking that the “pose with covariance” ROS topic will offer some clue about the tracking state of the camera. So I tried subscribing to the pose with covariance topic, but when I visualize it in RVIZ I don’t see the covariance ellipse around the base_link. Maybe I’m using it incorrectly.

Thank you.

Hi @orrblue
sorry for the late reply.
The ROS Diagnostic topic published by the wrapper contains information about the status of the Positional Tracking:
Screenshot from 2021-05-18 23-51-17
here you can read more information: