How to render live 3d map in Unity from a different/static POV?


I’m trying to render something like this example here Environmental Mapping with Unity - Stereolabs from a different POV instead of the zed camera

That example scene renders from the POV of the zed camera . I’m trying to render the scene from a different POV instead. I’d like to render the entire map live as the zed camera moves around. I’m imagining a view where the viewer is static but the map mesh slowly fills out as the zed camera moves and builds up.

Here’s another example from the zed camera home page - Stereolabs | AI perception for automation [video removed] - the POV is from somewhere behind the zed camera itself and its visualizing the point cloud as it gets built up.

Is this possible with zed camera and unity? Are there any examples or tips?

Hi @hide0, welcome to the forums!

Can you try just setting another camera in the scene (not a ZED) and use a script to set it as the Main camera?