How to remove zedx's cover case

Hi StereoLabs,

My project needs a light setting on stereo cameras, I want to remove the cover case of zedx camera for less weight, can I do that?

Hi @Jiahe
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This information is not publicly available as disassembling the camera would void the warranty, because you can damage the camera, and invalidate the factory calibration.
You are kindly requested not to perform this action or share any information regarding this process publicly.

With the original ZED camera, the disassembly involved drilling through the faceplate to get to the screws underneath, as shown here:

I can confirm this works on the ZED2 as well- I had to do it for a ZED2 camera when the cable flaked out, since they weren’t replaceable on that version (who approved that decision?).

If the ZED X’s face plate is also plastic, this might be accomplished the same way, though their assembly may have changed, so no guarantees. You could poke at it with a tool in the three spots shown, and see if the plastic bends in, to determine if there’s a hole there. If it is a glass faceplate, you might be able to remove it like you would remove a smartphone screen- by heating the adhesive and lifting it with a screen removal tool, or a thin piece of plastic.

As the previous commenter said, this will void your warranty. But you own the device, so it’s 100% up to you what you do with it. Disassembly instructions are crucial for ensuring device owners can repair their own devices even after the warranty period has expired, or if the device must be used in conditions which would void the warranty. Such instructions are always welcome on sites like Instructables, so if you do perform this disassembly, the community would greatly appreciate pictures of the process.