How to map x, y, z point cloud value from saved .ply file and depth image without camera connecting?

Hello, I’m using Zed 2i Camera.

I used the camera to save RGB images, depth images, and point clouds.

In documentation, RGB, Depth images are load using

I checked the documentation, but there is no way to load the saved Point Cloud Value.

If my understanding is correct, the retrieve_measure and get value(x,y) functions are available when the camera is connected.

I want to detect the point cloud corresponding to the x and y coordinates of the image using the saved rgb, depth image, and point cloud file without connecting a camera.

I used python 3.7, Zed SDK 3.7, CUDA 11.5.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for reaching us out.
What function do you use to save your point cloud ? You should probably record a SVO. You can use our tool ZED Explorer, installed alongside the SDK, to record a SVO, and then use it like any live camera.

Antoine Lassagne
Senior Developer - ZED SDK
Stereolabs Support