How to make barebones Unreal project?

Can someone tell me what is the absolute minimum needed to get a ZED2 to perform Body Tracking in Unreal.

I’ve already switched the GameInstance requirement to use a GameInstance sub-system and I’m trying to decouple everything else to reduce the dependencies. I don’t need the UI/fading etc, and we cannot have the ZED Player Controller.

I’ve been trying to make a child class off the Initializer that then spawns a ZED Camera. I’ve modified the the Function Library to check if the player controller uses a ZED PC and if not, then uses the camera from the above instance stored in the initializer.
But I cannot get any image to show in the on-screen texture.

I’ve tried enabling tracking and body tracking, which I get the callback/broadcast events from the Delegates to state that Tracking and BodyTracking have started - but I don’t get any Retrieve Body events firing.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciate!

Managed to get this to work.
I essentially migrated the start-up code from the Player Controller into an extended Initializer class. Once that completes, it spawns a Body Visualizer (like the example).

Still don’t “see” the camera texture, but I at least have the body data points! :smile:

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