How to maintain HD1080 resolution when using an extension cable?

Why does the resolution decrease when Zed2 is connected to a USB extension cable? How to maintain 1080 resolution when using an extension cable?
When my ZED2 is connected to a USB extension cable, the resolution is VGA 672*376 (x2). It is too low.
Looking forward to and thanking you for your help!

Hi @YsanZyh
What type of extension cable are you using and what length?

UGREEN USB3.0 extension cable,5m.
Signal transmission may weaken or be lost.
I would like to know what good cables can ensure data transmission efficiency and ensure that image resolution does not decrease. Thank you!

We advise you to use active USB3 extenders for this cable length.

We also tried several extenstion cables for zed 2i cameras before but all of them did not work (only support VGA quality). Did you find a solution? I am currently considering just purchasing long-range cables.

I used a USB data cable with signal enhancement function and solve the problem successfully.

Oh really?! Could you please let me know your solution in detail. “signal enhancement function” sounds very interesting!

I just used a data cable that can automatically enhance the signal. You can search for it on e-commerce platforms.