How to get the extrinsic parameters from a extrinsic parameters matrix?

I executed the calibration between two cameras and got the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters.

My problem is that the extrinsic parameters are in the [R | T] matrix format (3x4):

[r1 r2 r3 t1;
r4 r5 r6 t2;
r7 r8 r9 t3;]

and I need the extrinsic parameters in the same format of the ZED calibration parameters file (.conf).

So, I need to extract from this matrix the Baseline, TY, TZ, RX_HD, CV_HD and RZ_HD parameters to add these values on the [STEREO] section of a ZED calibration file.
I would appreciate some help in how can I extract these values from the extrinsic matrix.


According to your extrinsic matrix, you can convert as follow :

baseline = t1
Ty = t2
Tz = t3.

Then you need to convert the 3x3 rotation to 3x1 rotation vector using cv::rodrigues() function that will output (rv1,rv2,rv3). ( cv::rodrigues(Rotation, RotationVector)).
RX = rv1
CV = rv2
Rz = rv3.

Thanks, I will check this function.