How to get image from fused point cloud


I think the fused point cloud is very nice, but resolution is not high.

I thought following method to get image corresponding to points in the fused point cloud.

Handle pre-recorded svofiles.

  1. Obtain images corresponding to chunk from chunk.timestamp and timestamp when request_spatial_map_async is executed
  2. Use OpenCV projectPoints to get the u,v of the image from the chunk vertices

However, u and v obtained by this method are far from ideal values.

The parameters used for projectPoints are required as follows.

py_translation = sl.Translation()
cameraMatrix = np.array([[camera_parameters.fx,0,],

Please give me advice

Hi @AkiraIshii
you can increase the resolution by changing the parameter resolution of the [SpatialMappingParameters]( structure.

Hi Myzhar thank you for your advice.
I have already tested MAPPING_RESOLUTION.HIGH,but result is rough (2cm per point).
Can I get more detail resolution?