How to fuse different sensor data

Recently we have an idea to fuse ZED body tracking data with IMU sensor data, such as Sony’s mocopi, to achieve a more stable full-body motion capture effect. Is this idea feasible?

Please give us some ideas and suggestions on how to achieve real-time integration of the two data, thank you.

Hello @jiankors ,

You can manipulate the output of our body tracking as you see fit, but we don’t have a way to tweak it using external information out of the box.
The closest we’ve done to that is the animation smoothing in Unity, I think. It could help you get an idea about how to do so. I’ll also reference our body tracking documentation with its keypoints reference.

Hello @JPlou ,
Thank you for your reply, we will take a look at your recommended solution and hope to be inspired by it.

In the forum, we also saw many users asking how to achieve a more stable body tyracking effect. If multiple sensor data can be fused, better results should be achieved.

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