How to fabricate my own cables for the ZED X

Hi, can someone point me out on the direction of how to fabricate my own cables for the Zed X?
Do Zed work with preferred suppliers for coax cable, FAKRA connectors, and tools?

Can I use any coaxial cable as long as it fits the FAKRA connector on the Zed and Capture card?
Is the max supported distance between the ZED X and Capture card limited to 15 meters? Can it go further?

How about Waterproof connectors for the Zed X?
I would like to use these on extreme environments, water, cold, heat, dust, vibration, etc…

Are these FAKRA connectors used by the Zed X waterproof?

Thank you for the information!

Any one has a recommendation for FAKRA and Coax cables suppliers for the Zed X?

I am running with these cables. I assume others work too.