How to extract point cloud data and arrange it according to the format (height * width) of the image?

Title,I don’t know if the point cloud data acquired by the camera is arranged according to the shooting frame, or if there are rows and column indexes. Specifically, I want to perform coordinate conversion first, convert the point cloud data to the XY plane with the floor as the coordinate system, and then extract the z-axis coordinates of the point cloud and arrange them according to the shooting screen. Please tell me how to achieve it, thank you very much.

In addition, I have another problem, that is, when I run the, when I press the “p” key or the space bar, the plane is not detected, and I also want to know how to get the camera pose or plane equation under the plane to complete my previous problem.

(Here shows that I uploaded the image error, anyway, I can’t detect the plane)

In addition, the latest example does not support zed2i+sdk3.8.2.

help me!!!

Please do not ask for the same question more than a time.

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