How to change installation path of ZED SDK for windows?


I’m trying to develop ZED application with Qt on Windows using QtCreator 4.13.
I added ZED SDK’s include directory(c:\Program files (x86)\ZED SDK\include) to my Qt project setting file (SETTINGS.pri) on Qt Creator like:


And I try to build, but build failed with following errors because QtCreator build system generates invalid include path option :

-IC:\Program Files (x86)\ZED SDK/include

MS c++ compiler(cl.exe) recognize this option to 4 tokens…
(I tried some solutions to handle path with whitespaces in setting file but they could not solve my problem…)

So I try to avoid this error to change installation directory of ZED SDK to path that contains no whitespaces, but ZED SDK installer for windows has no optional setting steps to change installation path manually.
Cannot I change installation path?

Kaworu YODO

@yodo have you tried by simply adding " or ’ ?




@Myzhar Thanks your reply.

I tried your suggestions, but somehow " and ’ disappeared in compiler’s command line generated by build system.
I did some research based on your suggestion and found that the following worked well.


Thank you once again!

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