How do I solve the "motion sensor required" message?

How can I activate the motion sensors?

[2024-05-23 02:31:25 UTC][ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[2024-05-23 02:31:27 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init] Depth mode: ULTRA
[2024-05-23 02:32:29 UTC][ZED][WARNING] [ZED] Sensors could not be initialized. Some modules (AI-based) might not work correctly.
[2024-05-23 02:32:29 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera successfully opened.
[2024-05-23 02:32:29 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera FW version: 1523
[2024-05-23 02:32:29 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init] Video mode: HD720@60
[2024-05-23 02:32:29 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init] Serial Number: S/N xxxxxxxxx

Error enabling object detection: MOTION SENSORS REQUIRED

Hi @tyler

You can’t. The ZED camera has no integrated IMU. It would help if you upgraded to a newer model with integrated IMU (all the new cameras have one).

but a few days ago it worked correctly with yolov8 and suddenly it stopped working and I haven’t modified anything

What camera model do you use?
Please run the ZED_Diagnostic tool and share the report file it generates.