How do I get ZED calibration file with intrinsic parameters from an .svo recording?

I took some SVO recordings with the ZED 2 camera. I don’t have access to this camera and even if I did, the calibration may have changed since the recordings were taken. I am currently running SVO recording processing (point cloud and image generation) within a ZED SDK version that is not the same as the version of the SDK I captured the SVO recordings with.

Is it possible for me to extract the calibration file with the intrinsic parameters from the SVO recordings (unrelated to the SDK that I’m processing the recordings on)?

Like what’s described:
but acquiring it from an svo recording instead of the calibration file in the ZED SDK


If you were using the factory calibration when you recorded the SVO, it will be downloaded automatically when running the SVO on your other machine.
You can alsot retrieve these parameter on the API : Camera Calibration | Stereolabs