How do I get the ZED SDK Version 4.0.4?

I’m looking for this specific version so I can develop for my docker in my computer environment.

The ros 2 wrapper tag 4.0.5 compiles for version 4.0.4 but not for version 4.0.7, the last in this moment.

Hi @Mat198
thank you for reaching out to us.

You can create manually the link to download the version v4.0.5 by following this convention:<OS>_cuda<cuda_ver>_<SDK_ver>

A few examples:

Ubuntu 18, CUDA 11.8, SDK v4.0.3:

Jetson L4T v35.3, SDK v4.0.6:

Windows, CUDA 12.1, SDK v4.0.6:

What version do you need? (OS, CUDA, etc)

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I need a version for ubuntu 22 and sdk 4.0.4. I’m not sure about the CUDA version. Any suggestion on how can I figure out?

This linked worked:

That’s the right link indeed :+1:

Is there any problem with the servers? The download keeps failing…

Is the download working now? I just tried the link and it works as expected

It worked after a couple hours. Thanks!

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