How can i draw fov at ZED 2i 2.1mm


İ want to draw fov, but where is sensor position or point, how can i find?

Max.110°(H) x 70°(V) x 120°(D) is given on datasheet…

Hi @ta1o
the FoV value reported on the datasheet is the FoV for raw images.
You can retrieve the current FoV after image rectifications by using the ZED SDK API:
C++: CameraParameters Struct Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs
Python: CameraParameters Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs

The origin of the FoV is in the middle of each CMOS sensor.

Hi Myzar, thank for quick reply, But
i design cover case for zed but i dont know diameter of lens circle of case for max. fov.
How can i draw angle line, Where is the begining of line?


It’s 2 cm behind the front plate

Hi @Myzhar, I would like to draw the FOV for the ZED 2i 4mm.
What would be the distance from the front plate of the FOV origin for the ZED 2i 4 mm camera ?


The required distance is 20 mm

@Myzhar Thanks for your help!