How can convert data format

HI here, I’m still beginner for ZED, I wanna make capture video in realtime python, and I checked ‘mat’ api MAT_TYPE Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs
but no matter how to change mat type, in finally still uint8 format, I wanna convert like float 32 or float 8 etc…

The type of the mat is changed when calling the retrieve_image function. It only supports uint8 as it contains color images.

If you want float values of depth, for instance, you should use retrieve_measure. Camera Class Reference | API Reference | Stereolabs

Also when calling get_data() the result is cast as a numpy array (OpenCV Python Mat), you can convert the type and keep the same content using numpy functions (as you seem to have tried by the commented line)

Thanks your replay, Btw, I wanna use this image transfer to another software in this case I used spout python to TouchDesigner…/asset/spout-python-library
But the image was distracted, what may cause this problem
Processing: faa99312c9c94921c8ef0b105c99ba6.png…