Help with zed-open-capture issues

Hey all, i downloaded the following repository on my jetson agx orin, i have a zed2i camera connected and i have downloaded the build library with all the examples

however i could not find the sample applications as the github repository has told.

any help will be appreciated

Hi @SaifK2049
The code of the examples is available in the folder that you show in the picture.
What are you searching for precisely?

PS can i ask you why you are using the ZED Open Capture drive when you are on a Jetaon Xavier AGX that natively supports the optimized ZED SDK?


  1. Im using jetson agx orin dev kit not xavier agx. and i do have the zed SDK but for our purpose, performance is key and we would like to use codes and programs without the zedsdk.

  2. I would like to record both a) depth map data displayed as a matrix b) capture the video the camera sees for later uses. I tried to run the codes as they are above but i wasnt able to, usually i would get an include videocapture.hpp error and an include opencv.hpp error too. i followed installation steps as mentioned in the repository

If performance is your key and you need a quick precise depth map for real-time applications, the ZED SDK is the best solution because it exploits GPU processing to generate all the information you need at the maximum rate.

ZED Open Capture has been designed for use on embedded Linux devices, not CUDA enabled.

If you still consider ZED Open Capture the best solution, please copy and paste the errors you are getting here. It will be easier to help you find a solution.

i decided to visit the zed open caputre again with a different approach, this time i got these errors

@SaifK2049 Did you install OpenCV?
$ sudo apt install libopencv-dev

i installed it, ran it and had to manually add the opencv.hpp file to run the examples