[Help] Recording body tracking information into animation clip, using Unity engine

hi there, i know this topic has been brought up few times before, so i tried reading past infromation but still having some questions.

I wish to record the body tracking data, than applying it on a different humanoid rig animation controller. i tried through Unity recorder tool, but couldnt use the output .anim file on a humenoid model, Unity sees the recorded data as a generic rig, which cant be applied later on, even to the original model and rig its been recorded from.

any solutions or ideas for achieving it?
thank you all.


According to this post https://forum.unity.com/threads/use-unity-recorder-to-record-humanoid-animation.610441/, it seems to be a known limitation of the Unity recorder. You can try the solution they are providing in the answers or we also have one FBX export sample available here: https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-sdk/tree/master/body%20tracking/export/fbx%20export/cpp.
Note that our sample requires the FBX SDK to run. You can find it here : fbx-sdk-2020-2-1

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