Help Needed with ZED 2i in TouchDesigner

I’m a beginner with touchdesigner, while trying to do some experiments with ZED 2i I’ve encountered a few problem.

When setting up the ZED camera operator in TouchDesigner, I encountered an error message stating, “Current resolution is too high, try lower resolution.” I’m unsure how to adjust the resolution settings effectively. Has anyone else faced this issue? How did you resolve it?

I’ve tried to change the resolution from ZED Explorer, but no matter which resolution I choose it locked to 1344x376

I also find some Issues with ZED software, such as The ZED calibration software doesn’t detect my camera and I cannot run ZED Explorer, Sensor Viewer, and Depth Viewer Simultaneously, it seems I can only run one at a time. Is there a workaround or a specific order in which I should launch these tools?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hello @mondkin , welcome to the forums!

You can leave the post here of course, but we (the Stereolabs team) won’t be able to help with TouchDesigner questions in general, as they are maintaining the ZED integration on their side. I recommend you take the question to TD’s forums.

Also, only one application at a time will be able to use the ZED, you’re not supposed to use them all at once. Can I ask why you need to do it?

Side note: ZED calibration should be used only if you need to recalibrate the camera, for example to use it underwater. In most cases, it’s not necessary.