HELP!I have the svo file, but the zed2i camera is not with me, can I get the camera parameters and depth information from the svo file without connecting the camera?

My idea is to use zed2i to capture the depth video and rgb video of animals (e.g. cows and goats) synchronously, then extract frames to get the rgb image and the corresponding depth image, map the key points of the animals in the rgb image to the corresponding depth image and then calculate the relevant information, I would like to know that I don’t have a zed2i camera with me but only have the data from the svo file I captured, can I realize these operations without connecting to the camera, such as obtaining the depth information of the key points and the camera’s parameters?
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Hi @cbxg
the SVO does not contain such information because it only contains a recording of the live stream of the camera to be used as an input of the ZED SDK to simulate a real connected camera.

You can find more information in the documentation:

Is there no camera available to get information on the parameters and some key points of the depth images taken by the zed2i?

Could you please clarify what you meant? I am having trouble understanding.

It’s that I now have svo file data but no zed2i camera that recorded the svo data file, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the depth information of the keypoints as well as the camera’s parameter information without having the camera connected. I am trying to calculate the actual world distance using the keypoints

You can use the SVO as an input to the ZED SDK as if the real camera is connected to the PC and use the ZED SDK API functions to extract the depth information that you need:

Is there a function or example that can get the depth information of a pixel in an image?

Is it possible to get keypoint depth information in Python on windows without a camera connected and with only svo data files (pictures or videos)?

Yes, that’s exactly what I just explained in my previous replies.
Please follow all the links I provided and read the linked documentation.
All the information are already available.