Heat mapping for people density: Are there similar existing open source projects/libraries?

Hi all,

Project Overview:
Im starting a project using a Zed2i to track the density of people in a venue over time as a heatmap. I.e. A use case would be: On x floor for the hours between 10am - 4pm provide an image of the room with a grid on the floor. Where the max. people were show that grid tile as red and show green for the tiles with the least activity.

Am new to spatial programming so could be off but am thinking this could can be split into 2 parts:

  1. Using a Zed2i and the birds eye object detection example (zed-examples/object detection/birds eye viewer at master · stereolabs/zed-examples · GitHub) to define a grid of bounding boxed squares on the ground and track over fixed time intervals (1 minute or so) a tally of the number of unique people objects that cross each square, appending this information to a file like a json (i.e. minute → grid square # → num unique people)
  2. A screen where users input the time range and receive an overlaid jpg image which processes the spaces obj, bounding box definitions, # of people objects per tile info, works out the max / min users for the space/range, and colours each grid square appropriately based on the ‘activity’ in each area.

Just wondering if there are any more appropriate examples/ open source projects / libraries / API functions people know of that will could save me implementing this mostly from scratch? Ive spent a few good hours trawling forums and search engines but couldnt come up with anything yet.

Hi @salsus
I’m sorry, but here in Stereolabs we have not released examples that realize this kind of task.
What you described seems a good starting point.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support using the ZED SDK for this application.

Hi @Myzhar ,

Thank you for the response! Implementation is going well so far, will reach out if I need more support

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