H264/H265 SVO creation from Lossless SVO Record


We have bought 8 Zed2i cameras and required range extenders etc. for an outdoor project. In order to record SVO data for later processing, we also bought a laptop with Intel i9 CPU and Nvidia RTX3080 GPU. Unfortunately, soon we realized that almost all Nvidia GPUs(except Jetson family) allow only 3 concurrent recording with hardware compression.

As a first solution proposal, we tried to record SVO files in lossless mode using only CPUs. The setup works pretty well, except that huge file size of recordings(apprx. 5gb/min/camera). Besides, we could not found a SVO converter which keeps metadata(timestamp etc.) and compress lossless SVO data to H264/H265 SVO data which could be used for further CUDA implementations in ZED SDK.

Is there a way to compress lossless SVO data to H264/H265 SVO data ? What would be your recommendations ?

Thanks a lot for support.

Hi @Gorkem
yes, there is a method, you must use the ZED SVO Editor command line tool.

You can get more information by opening a terminal and launching it without parameters:

$ ZED_SVO_Editor 
You must provide arguments to this tools, here the list of them : 

 -inf     Print SVO infos

 -cut     Cut a SVO and save the svo part between <s> and <e> to another svo.
          -s or -e parameters must be specified.
          If s is not specified, first frame will be taken.
          If e is not specified, last frame will be taken.

 -merge   Add/Merge two or more SVO files into a single one.
          SVO files must have the same resolution and same ZED Serial Number.

 -cpr     Convert a SVO into another SVO compression format
          -m parameter must be specified.

 -m       Compression format to use with the -cpr option. m can be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 or 6 for respectively PNG (Lossless), ZSTD (Lossless), JPEG (Lossy),  H264 Lossy, H265 Lossy, H264 LossLess and H265 LossLess  based compressions.

 -repair  Repair a SVO file by recreating a new SVO <svofilename_repaired.svo> with a recovered index table.

Sample usage:
"ZED_SVO_Editor -inf svo1.svo"
"ZED_SVO_Editor -cut svo1.svo -s 100 -e 200 output.svo"
"ZED_SVO_Editor -merge svo1.svo svo2.svo output.svo"
"ZED_SVO_Editor -cpr input.svo -m 2 output.svo"
"ZED_SVO_Editor -repair input.svo"

The options -cpr combined with -m is what you are searching for

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Dear Myzhar,

Thank you in advance for kindly support. We will try asap, accordingly I will close the issue.

Have a nice weekend!