Green screen set up

I’ve been trying to learn how to use the green screen in Unity with the ZED mini. I keep going through the examples and documentation (Unity - Green Screen VR Capture | Stereolabs) but keep running into problems. I have a vive tracker mounted with the ZED mini. The documentation is telling me to use a blank binding profile for the vive or the controllers wont work. My controllers do work so I’ve spent less time trying to figure out the blank binding profile. I assigned a “click” binding but I cannot get the “grab” binding to work. When I go into camera calibration I get stuck after I select the vive tracker. I don’t think it’s because my grab binding isn’t working but it might be. I have been able to use automatic calibration but I cannot get back there. I do not see the ZED in my headset and the tracker is on the floor in VR space as well but it is actually mounted in the air. I’m trying to figure out how to use the green screen to showcase projects. I’m a student so some of this is kinda new. I am also not able to enable garbage matte but I don’t think that would impede? Also, in the documentation, I do not understand the relationship with creating a new project and camera calibration if the calibration is in a different scene. Hope most of this makes sense. It’s a learning process for me. I’m trying to learn proficiency with the green screen.