GPS+ZED robot localization and navigation

Hey, I need some clarification about fusing GPS and ZED localization, eventually for navigation with move_base (ROS).
As I understand, I should disable the zed ros wrapper to publish the tf.
Then, I need to run two robot_localization EKF nodes, one for continuous data (zed IMU and zed odomedtry) and one for discrete data (fusion of zed IMU, zed odomedtry and the GPS), which will publish the TF: from odom to base_link, and from map to odom, respectively.
What is odd to me is that ZED localization is “ignorant” about the final fused localization that comes out from EKF. Wouldn’t it cause problems with its SLAM? Wouldn’t it confuse it, both with the localization and the mapping?

Hi @amit-z
there are no problems and conflicts with the configuration that you described.
The ZED ROS Wrapper will use the externally provided mapodombase_link information to calculate the camera position.