GNSS data streaming with GPSD on Zed Box Orin

I am attempting to integrate GNSS data with the fusion module with the steps outline here:

For starters, when i run

sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0

Nothing is returned. Calling:

sudo gpsd -nG -P /run/ /dev/ttyACM0

shows no found gps satellites. Has anyone had similar issues?

Yes, gpsd is very buggy. I suggest bypassing it with your own code to pass GNSS data into Fusion

Are there any alternatives to GPSD for linux?

@alassagne @multicore-manticore @BenjaminV Any suggestions on bypassing the poor suggestions from stereolabs?


The main problem comes from systemd and not from gpsd. If you use systemd, it’s probable that your gps will not work again after it is used once, before you reboot.
You can find detailed usage here : Using GNSS with ZED Box Orin NX | Stereolabs