GNSS Calibration Position Uncertainty

I am attempting to acheive GNSS calibration with data stored in svo2 data keys.
During the svo processing steps, I get my calibration parameters with the following method:

    def fusion_status(self) -> None:
        process_metrics: Tuple[sl.FUSION_ERROR_CODE,sl.FusionMetrics] = self.fusion.get_process_metrics()
        fusion_error_code, fusion_metrics = process_metrics
        fusion_metrics = {"mean_camera_fused":fusion_metrics.mean_camera_fused,"mean_stdev_camera_ts":fusion_metrics.mean_stdev_between_camera}

        vio_gnss_trns: sl.Transform = self.fusion.get_geo_tracking_calibration()
        vio_gnss_trns_translation:np.ndarray = vio_gnss_trns.get_translation().get()

        gnss_calibration_data: Tuple[sl.GNSS_FUSION_STATUS,float,np.ndarray] = self.fusion.get_current_gnss_calibration_std()
        gnss_calibration, yaw_uncertainty, position_uncertainty = gnss_calibration_data

        if == "OK":
  "Fusion: GNSS Calibration: {}")
            # self.solve_local_cs()
        out = {
            "fusion_metrics": fusion_metrics,
            "vio_gnss_trns": vio_gnss_trns_translation.tolist(),
            "yaw_uncertainty": yaw_uncertainty,
            "position_uncertainty": position_uncertainty.tolist()


These are the values i have in the debugger:

>>> out
'fusion_error_code': 'SUCCESS', 
'fusion_metrics': {
    'mean_camera_fused': 0.6666666865348816, 
    'mean_stdev_camera_ts': 0.0
    }, 'vio_gnss_trns': [
    ], 'gnss_calibration': 'OK', 
        'yaw_uncertainty': 0.001549591775983572, 
        'position_uncertainty': [

Any ideas why I am getting such large position uncertainties?

Hello @fdunbar,
Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce your issue. Could you share SVO (with GNSS data) + code sample for reproducing it ?

Before we get to that,
Is there a step I need to take where I “Initialize” my fusion with the first GNSS measurement available?

My visual odometry → GNSS translation is quite large:

vio_gnss_trns=[-29.21543312072754, -22.91114044189453, 34.25571060180664]