GMSL2 Fakra Female to Female cable


I wanted to ask about the use case of the 1.5m Female to Female cable included with the ZED X camera. I have the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ Developer Kit with the GMSL2 Capture Card. The capture card comes with the 1-to-4 GMSL2 cable but it’s also Female and it’s really short. So if I need a longer cable I have to buy the GMSL2 Fakra Extension Cable? Is there no use for the cables included with the cameras?


Hi Gabriela,

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If you need a longer FAKRA cable, you can buy an extension (Male-Female) compatible with the 4-1 cable here :

The cable included with the ZED X can be used if you have your own GMSL solution with a male connector.

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We are currently having the same exact issue. Was trying to find a local solution (i.e connector) without success. so now we will be waiting for new purchase delivery.
I think this should be emphasized for future customers.


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We also had this issue (receiving female-female GMSL cables instead of female-male). Found these cables on Digikey to be suitable replacements with relatively quick shipping.

We found a local solution, but the purpose of these cables was more for car audio transmissions so they were pretty unreliable. So in the end we still had to buy the extension cables from Stereolabs while the two female-female cables lay in my drawer.

I think it should be emphasized when you order the cameras that the included cable is not compatible with the Capture card. Or maybe give the customers the option to choose which type of cable is included with the camera. :thinking: