Global VS. Rolling Shutter Precision for Medium Speed Robotics Application

Hello all, I was wondering how significant the rolling vs. global shutter accuracy tradeoffs between the ZED2i and ZED X are for a medium speed (max 5m/s linear, max 10rad/s angular) and mid to low vibration operating environment. Thus far we have only tested OAK-D cameras for our intended application but been massively unsatisfied with NN performance, so we only have knowledge of how global shutter stereo will perfom. However, I am hesitant to front the additional cost of a ZED X and capture card if the USB based ZED2i would perform sufficiently well. To be exact, we are an FRC robotics team looking to leverage the Object Detection and tracking feature-set of the ZED SDK to localize and persistently track game pieces and other robots in 3d.

Hi @Roman
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ZED 2i can work well with the speed specifications you listed.
However, the performance of ZED X devices with global shutter sensors is surely better in high-dynamic setups, expecially if the objects to be tracked are moving too.