Getting an error saying the CUDA driver is not sufficient

I have installed the sdk 4 and that installation also installed CUDA 12

When running the first example script i get:
CUDA error at Camera.cpp:329 code=35(cudaErrorInsufficientDriver)

I would guess that i get the apropriate driver in the installation, but maybe not?
Any idea of how to solve this?

Hi @Linnea
please provide more information regarding your host device:

  • Operating system
  • GPU model
  • GPU driver version
  • etc

Thank you for the answer.

operating system: Windows 10 enterprise
GPU model: googling the computer name (hp zbook firefly 15 g7) tells me it has a Quadro P520 which is cuda compatible. Checking in the task manager it gives me “Intel UHD” which is not CUDA compatible.
GPU driver version:

So maybe i do not have the graphic card i need…

Yes, an NVIDIA GPU is required to use the ZED SDK