Fusion ZED360 both streamed cameras at same point

Hi There,

No luck with 360 fusion calibration.
I have written a sender app for 2x jetsons (with ZED2i), but in the ZED360 app both streamed cameras endup at the same location, when clicked Start Calibration nothing happens, no detected bodies and cameras are placed at the same point, whereas in the real world they’re 3m apart.

Sender and PC receiver using SDK 4.0.7

Here is the sender app snippet:

init_parameters.camera_resolution = zed_config.resolution;
init_parameters.camera_fps= zed_config.fps;
init_parameters.sdk_verbose = zed_config.debug_output;

// Open the camera
auto returned_state = zed.open(init_parameters);
if (returned_state != ERROR_CODE::SUCCESS) {
std::cout << "Open camera error: " << returned_state << ", exiting program. " << std::endl;

int port = zed_config.cam_port + 100;
std::cout << "Publishing port: " << port << std::endl;
CommunicationParameters configuration;

returned_state = zed.startPublishing(configuration);
    if (returned_state != ERROR_CODE::SUCCESS) {
        std::cout << "Publishing initialization error: " << returned_state << std::endl;
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
        std::cout << "Started publishing...  " << returned_state << std::endl;

RuntimeParameters runtime_prameters;
    returned_state = zed.grab(runtime_prameters);
    if (returned_state != ERROR_CODE::SUCCESS) {
    isClosing = true;

What am I doing wrong here?


You must enable the body tracking and retrieve the bodies on the sender with zed.retrieveBodies(...). The publication happens in this function.

I see now, that helps, however full example of such sender would be super helpful for us all here.

Thanks for your help

Yes, I agree it’s totally missing.
It’s basically the body tracking tutorial, with the addition of startPublishing.